“Fall”ing into my Next Steps

With Summer (and Summer Programming) wrapped up, it’s time to be thinking about Fall – the lovely trees, the chilly weather, the hearty food, and the multitudes of programming to get to work on. Here is what’s up next!

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Websites, Tours, Booklists & more!

I really need to learn to document more of what I’m doing; first full-time job and whatnot. My probation ends next week so its about time I document what I’ve been involved with and learned up to now for my three months!

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White Roses, Multiple Universes & True Stories – Reviews!

It has been a short month for me as I learn the ropes at my new job. Transitioning from a city system to a rural one does need adjusting, but the quality of the collections cannot be doubted in either case. (It also helps immensely when the whole province is a multi-type library system!)

Here’s what I’ve been reading and my thoughts on each!

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What am I doing? Lessons from the First Week in Management

Fresh from my first week as a manager, I’ve learned a few things that I felt like sharing about the initial experience. Coming from a bottom-of-the-ladder position to an upper management role (even if only a temporary one), it is a bit of an adjustment. Continue reading

News & Reviews! 

After a busy month and a half (most of which was occupied with interviews), I have finally been offered my first full-time job in a library setting. Even better, its something I secretly wanted all along: I wanted to be a supervisor or manager of some capacity. Thank you Wheatland Regional Library (Saskatchewan) for allowing me the chance to gain experience, develop new skills and practice current ones as a temporary Library Manager.

I can’t wait to see a new province and meet new people and interact with a great new library team!

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